Why You Should Invest In eSports?

“We are at a tipping point where more than ever before, brands are seriously looking at esports as a massive marketing opportunity.”
Adrian Staiti (Executive Vice President)
Global Partnerships at Lagardère Sports via Esports Insider

The Growth of

eSports Awareness in Malaysia

68% of Malaysian Urban population (6.8% million out of 10 million Malaysian Population age between 18 - 45 years) age above 18 are aware of What is eSports.
Target audience profiling at the age between 18 - 24 living in Klang Valley followed by Kuantan.
As of Q3 2018, eSports industry appears to be particular for e-wallet service with the increment of 1.6 times on e-wallet usage.
Footfall traffic on eSports event also increase by 2.3 times and attendees are more engage to the brand directly via the on ground event.

Esports Sponsorship ROI

Here is what impact on the eSports sponsorship:

Based on the analytic for 100,000+ fans and supporters of five leading esports organizations – Cloud9, Fnatic, Team Liquid, TSM, OpTic from eSports iQ analytics engine.
Insight into how well these organizations – valued at an average of $202 million according to Forbes – deliver positive reactions for non-endemic sponsors. See the included visual:

Why Does It Matter?

This is because the emotional connection between the fans is the key to sponsorship success, it’s critical to measure how well various partnerships deliver. 

And here is why you should keep a close eye on developments with this industry!

Sponsorship Benefit

Through Gaming Platform

Increase Consumer Loyalty

Generate trust and loyalty towards brand’s sponsorship strategy

Generate Awareness

Promote brands in interactive ways to help public to learn about their brand value

Reach New Target

Less effort needed for conventional marketing campaigns to reach larger and specific target

Improvement on Brand Positioning

Improve brand branding and positioning among same target as will as among competitors

Spread Publicly “by words of mouth”

Organic fans increment and engagement

Sales Promotion

Direct and indirect brand promotion during in-game mentioned (streaming)

Motivate B2B Marketing

Indirect connect to new business relationship or strategic alliance with other sponsors

Encourage Engagement

Customer to be part of the brand via direct or indirect engagement with the brand

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